Saturday, 4 April 2015

Pengakap Bahasa Esperanto di ASEAN

Esperanto scouts in ASEAN.

Pramuka bahasa Esperanto di ASEAN

Many countries in the world have age limitation for the scouts as rover. Thus, many do not have the chance to continue the love of scouting.

Come and join the ASEAN Esperanto scouts. There is no age limitation in Esperanto scouts. We continue to serve the society, community, country and the world.

Lord Baden Powell in his Scouting for Boys 1908 encouraged the scouts to learn Esperanto.

Now you can learn online free of charge.

Seach Facebook for Skolto to see more Esperanto scouts in other countries. Of course, you can start your Esperanto scout group in your local area.

Free learning sites are many, we provide few here: with more than 40 languages to explain and tutor to help. Free download software from Brazil

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