Saturday, 22 December 2012

Prague Manisfesto 布拉格宣言

The Prage Manisfesto of Esperanto in more than 30 languages.

30 க்கும் மேற்பட்ட மொழிகளில் எஸ்பெராண்டோ என்ற Prage Manisfesto.

Ang Prage Manisfesto ng Esperanto sa higit sa 30 mga wika.

Manisfesto Prage ຂອງເອສເປຣັງໂຕຢູ່ໃນຫຼາຍກວ່າ 30 ພາສາ.

Manisfesto Prage Esperanto dalam lebih daripada 30 bahasa.

Manisfesto Prage จากภาษาในกว่า 30 ภาษา

30 కంటే ఎక్కువ భాషలలో ఎస్పరాంటో యొక్క Prage Manisfesto.



All ethnic languages are bound to certain cultures and nations. For example, the child who learns English learns about the culture, geography and political systems of the English-speaking world, primarily the United States and the United Kingdom. The child who learns Esperanto learns about a world without borders, where every country is home.


Only a small percentage of foreign-language students attain fluency in the target language. In Esperanto, fluency is attainable even through home study. Various studies have shown that Esperanto is useful as a preparation for learning other languages. It has also been recommended as a core element in courses in language awareness. 

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